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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Footage from a police officer’s body cam shows the moments before the fatal shooting of Las Vegas man Thomas McEniry on the evening of November 24, 2015. According to police, McEniry was pulled over for what was described as a routine traffic stop related to the driver’s license plate before he reportedly ran away from his vehicle and into a nearby apartment complex.

A security guard at the complex briefly apprehended the suspect before McEniry broke free and fled again, eventually exiting a back door where responding police officers were waiting. Officers tasered McEniry after he refused orders to show hands.

McEniry can be heard pleading on the video with officers, saying, “I haven’t done anything.” At the same time he refuses to heed numerous instructions to show officers his hands and appears to reach into his pocket or waistband area.

Las Vegas police say McEniry reached for what appeared to be a gun, prompting three officers to fire eight rounds at the suspect, killing him. It was later discovered the apparent gun was actually an Airsoft Pistol, not a actual firearm.

At a December 1 press conference, assistant Sheriff Kirk Primas said the shooting was necessary, while also noting the suspect’s long criminal history and apparent mental health and substance abuse issues.

It’s still unknown why McEniry may have chosen to flee a traffic stop or why he refused to follow police instructions.

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