Las Vegas shooting rampage leaves 5 dead Including gunmen and police

A man and a woman went on a shooting rampage in Las Vegas on Sunday, killing two police officers and a civilian before turning their weapons on themselves.

Officer Igor Soldo and Officer Alyn Beck of the Las Vegas Metro police department were having lunch at CiCi’s Pizza off of Nellis Road when they were ambushed by the suspects.

According to reports, the female suspect shot one of the officers from behind at close range while he was refilling a soft drink. She then shot the other officer as he drew his pistol.

The shooters took the fatally wounded officers’ weapons and ammunition and fled to a nearby Wal-mart where they shot and killed a person at the front door and then killed themselves in an apparent suicide pact.

Beck leaves behind a wife and three children while Soldo is survived by a wife and a baby, police said.


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