Head injury compilation: inch-wide hole in man’s head; hit in the head with a slab & more

Full video of maggot infection in man’s head: http://bit.ly/1Dmm5xb

1. A Brisbane, Australia man was left with a massive inch-wide hole burned into his cranium after applying black salve ointment to treat skin cancer.

2. Police are looking for a man who had a concrete slab smashed on the back of his head in Manchester city’s downtown.

3. Ryan Cross, a Nampa resident, was struck directly in the head by lightning during a camping trip with his friends on May 24 in Boise, Idaho. Prior to the accident, the group was caught in a sudden hailstorm and scrambled for shelter. Cross chose to sit under a tree and turned on his cellphone. The lightning bolt then struck him, tearing the clothes from his upper body and knocking him unconscious.

4. Christina Kurylo was on board an Air Canada flight from Calgary to Grande Prairie when the pilot was forced to make a crash landing in Edmonton due to malfunctioning landing gear. As the plane touched down, Kurylo got hit on the head by a propeller from the plane.

5. Ms. Lin was dining with her mother, her younger sister, and her 7 month old baby at a local hotpot restaurant in Wenzhou, China, when their server poured a pot of boiling soup over her head.

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